Governor Walker Continues to Ignore Open Records Request on His Travel

Governor Walker Continues to Ignore Open Records Request on His Travel

MADISON — Rep. Mark Pocan is considering legal action if Governor Walker continues to ignore the June 6 open records request to look into Walker’s travel on the state provided plane and private travel paid for by his campaign. For 71 days, the Department of Administration has failed to fulfill the open records request.

“Every citizen of Wisconsin has a right to know how their government is spending their tax dollars and using the powers of their office,” said Mark Pocan. “Unfortunately, Governor Walker seems more willing to ignore our laws as he fights for his political life. He is putting politics ahead of the rights of Wisconsinites to hold their elected officials accountable.”

The Open Records Law states requested records must be provided “as soon as practicable and without delay.” The Wisconsin Attorney General’s office advises simple requests should be fulfilled within 10 business days. Today marks the 49th business day the request has gone unfulfilled – nearly five-times past the legally advised time period.

“If he continues to insist on ignoring the open records request, the next step would unfortunately be to seek legal action to compel the governor to act,” warned Pocan. “The length of time it has taken Governor Walker to respond could mean only two things; either his travel records are so massive he cannot pull them together quickly or there is something in those records he does not want Wisconsinites to know.”

To help Wisconsinites keep track of how many days Governor Walker has failed to comply with the law, we are launching a new counter at Pocan raised the issue back in June as he was determining whether Governor Scott Walker has flown more miles as governor than the number of jobs he has created.

Posted on 15 Aug 2014 - Category: In the News

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